Friday, October 11, 2013

I cannot believe that this week is over!
Next week is a short week with Thursday and Friday being the Districts "fall break".  We then follow that by being off track until November 11th.

We will not have a Popcorn word or a Spelling test next week but we will be reviewing many of the words that we have been working on so far this year in class.

I will send the students home with the journal that we have started and am asking that you help them find time to write two or three sentences each day to help them with their writing skills, handwriting neatness and work on using Capital letters only to start a sentence along with ending sentences with a period.

They can also practice writing their numbers 1-120, count and write numbers  by 5's, 10's, to 100 and by 2's to twenty or backwards from 20 to 1.  Many of these things can be practiced at a stop light while in the car or waiting at a ball game or grocery line etc.  These are some things that I am finding the children to be struggling with.

We also need to work on coloring in the lines.  Cutting on the lines and writing letters, words and sentences within the lines.  All of these help with their fine motor and are things that we need to be improving as we work our way towards second grade.

As always I ask that you visit the library and get some books.  Take at least 20 min. a day and read.  I have started some of the reading testing for our SEP conferences but am still hoping that we can move closer to having everyone on an level E/F or above.  This comes primarily from repeated exposure to words and the actual practice of reading.

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you for all you do, it is noticed and appreciated!!  I love your children, they are amazing!