Friday, April 4, 2014

This weeks "popcorn" words are:
some, come, from, front, and friend

Our Spelling words using "o" in words that follow these patterns: cvc, cvcv, cvvc
lost, soft, cross, stop
none, stone, whole, drove
road, toast, coat, float

Our review words are: they, thank, take
Our dictation sentences are: My book took time to read.  The trick made me feel sick.  It is now April.

Please study 10 min. each night.  Thanks!
What a fun and exhausting week we have had.  We started exploring change and transformation using something that we all love, Banana's.  We made banana journals and watched them change throughout the week and ended by transforming them into banana bread and banana cookies.

We have also started practicing our information writing by writing directions to make a peanut butter sandwich, YUM!  And extracting interesting information on some of our favorite animals and then sharing the information with one another.

We will be taking our third math benchmark test this coming week and have also started a "store" in which the children will spend the money that they earn throughout the week on Friday in our class store.  This is not only helping with our daily behavior which is how they earn their money, along with helping to practice counting by 1's, 5's and 10's but also  gives them practice saving for something that they really want.

Please continue to read daily for 20 min. along with asking your child detailed questions about what they read or ask them to do a re-tell.  All of these things will help with getting ready for second grade.

I hope you all have a great week- end and I look forward to having more for with the kids next week.  Thanks for sharing your amazing children with me!