Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hello again and Happy October!
It is hard to believe that it is fall.  I feel like I missed out on my summer:/  We have now been in school for over 30 days and the kids seem to be settling in and are getting use to how first grade works.  Thank you for helping me be the eyes and ears of the class.  As hard as I try I do not see or hear everything that goes on everywhere.  If there is ever a situation that you need to make me aware of please feel free to contact me.  Even though I try to be friendly and approachable, children sometimes are unsure about telling teachers if something is bothering them.  Just wanted to make sure you know that I am here for your child and am doing my best to make sure we are learning and having fun.

It gets a little stressful for the kids when we are preparing to go off track because many things have to be done.  Mainly assessments, which means I am asking the kids to work quietly a lot.  We have started our centers which the kids seem to like and helps make the quiet part not so bad.

Now that "A" is off track and "B" is back on, our rotation schedule has changed.  We have P.E. on Mondays.  Computers will be on Tuesdays.  I hope to have an art, science or social studies activity on Wednesday and then our library time will be on Thursday.  Friday's are a nice change with music and reading with our sixth grade buddies.

The kids are doing a great job on the popcorn word and spelling tests.  We will continue to write every day.
Some have asked what homework do we have in our class.  We always have at least 20 min. of reading each day.  We have our popcorn words and spelling words to study and the kids can also be working on memorizing the math facts for addition and subtraction for 1-12.  Eventually 1-20.  The better they get at recalling these the easier math will become.

Thanks for all you do to help your child have a successful school experience.
Have a great week!