Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hello all,
I just thought I would send a quick note out to say Thank you, thank you for your patience while we are getting so many things up and started.  First grade is an awesome place to be but also a difficult one with so many new piece to put into place.

We made it through picture day and the district/state mandated reading test called "dibbles".  It is really a screening test and does not give me a lot of the information that I need to place students into class room reading groups.  I am currently working on checking the students current reading level as some of those have changed over the "summer" break.  Thanks for your continued patience.  Also, FYI: many students are identified as below grade level do to the unfamiliar nature of the testing situation.  Those students who are identified are watched closely to check the validity of the test.

We have also taken our first "Popcorn Word" (high frequency word) test on all ten words for week 1 and wahoo, they all did great!!!!  I have also given the math pre-assessment and as we would assume most of what will be taught in first grade will be new information which will be good, lots to learn.

I will give the pre-assessment for the Words Their Way spelling test next week and we should be well on our way.

As a quick reminder, please send your child's reading homework envelop as well as their homework folder back every single day whether it is empty of full.  This prepares them for middle school/high school and helps me to have what I need for our groups.

I hope that your children are enjoying school, I am certainly enjoying them!  I try to tell them everyday that they are amazing because I truly believe it!  I hope they are feeling it in my actions towards them.

Well off to do some more school work!  Keep on reading!
Good Morning!
I just realized that my last post did not publish :?
I am not really sure why and of coarse I cannot remember everything that I had put in that session but I will try to post again tonight with the up coming events.  The kids are doing really well.  I hope that they are enjoying it.  School is so hard at the beginning with all the rules and reviews and procedures that we practice over and over.  We are about there and will be able to start moving onto some of our other activities.  Thanks for all you do for your kids!!!