Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh, my how did two months fly by since my last post??? I guess that tells you all that we have been very busy trying to get everything in before we go off track again.  This time of year always makes me nervous knowing that we have accomplished much BUT we have just as much to learn before we go to second grade!!! Yikes!
At least I have amazing kids that are up to the task especially with the help of you all!  THANK YOU!

We had the 2nd dibbles test today.  This is a mandated reading test from the state that is part of our overall reading assessment for the year.  It is really just a screener for students who are struggling.  It is helpful but since it is given by district testers in the media center some (not all) students do not perform at their best.  If you have questions after you receive your students results please feel free to call me.  Most of you are aware if your child is struggling with reading, writing or math.

A guideline would be:  If you child is reading on a F/G or above good job!!! If your child can count and write numbers to 120, skip count by 5's , 10's and 2's along with adding and subtracting numbers 1-20 good job!  If your child can use his/her spelling words in sentences, starting with a capital, ending with a period and the sentence makes sense, good job!!!!

More to come :}