Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hello all,
We will start pre-paring for the APEX fun run on Monday by having the kick off assembly with a packet of info coming home with each child.  Having four of my own children, fund raisers were not my favorite.  I do like however, the idea of getting friends and family to sponsor our children in the physical fitness endeavors as well as sponsoring any amount, even as little as a quarter a lap.  Each family also has the choice of making a flat donation (for the entire family) rather than sponsoring each child individually.  I also like the idea of not selling gift wrap door to door to all my neighbors:D
I understand that the monies earned will stay with the school and be awarded to the individual teams or teachers.  We as a team,  have decided to start working, through grants and our fun run money, to build an I-pad library to use between our four classes.  This technology will go far in helping all students to be stronger in all academic areas.  Thanks so much for your support!

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