Saturday, August 22, 2015

I'm asking myself, "how does that happen?"  Three weeks have sailed by, we have been working super hard to get our routines and procedures down but I haven't found a min. to make a new post:} Yikes!
As you know we have started our spelling, mostly with review words.  We are working on sight words which in the past I have tested in a written format but am trying a reading format right now and am undecided which way we will settle.

We have all our baseline assessments completed and are working towards our first math Benchmark which covers verbalizing, writing and identifying numbers 1-20.  Understanding and recreating partners of numbers 1-10.  Drawing pictures that support a problem and answer and understanding grouping of fives and tens.  We have been busy!

I will also start a formal reading test to support the reading levels that we are working on now and then do a running record at least once a month followed by formal reading assessments for SEP conferences and end of school.  Please remember that reading is not about the level.  Books are not exactly a level and we work in a space of levels, i.e. (g/h) meaning I may send an easier book home while working on comprehension or a book marked "g" might really seem more like an "e".  Please don't focus on levels but on getting the "practice" the actual reading time in.  Research shows that the best indicator of a successful reader is, letter sound understanding (phonemic awareness) and rhyming and then practice doing the actual reading.  This can be by parent while the child listens for enjoyment.  Student reading to practice decoding, sight word recognition and plain old practice.  A combination of the two especially for reluctant readers or any other fun way that will get our children reading every day.  Not two days, not five days but seven days a week!

We have also been doing some writing activities as well as weaving in our science and social studies!
Each day is a new adventure.  No two days are exactly alike even with a schedule:} Lol

Thanks again to each of you for your support, kindness and sharing your child with me!  It is going to be a great year!

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